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IMPLEMENTED PROJECTS > Capacity Building in Agri-sector

Project description

A project's pilot province

  • Country – Mongolia
  • Donor – ADB
  • Duration – 60 months
  • Status – completed

The purpose of the project was to provide capacity building in the areas of co-operative training and sustainable

rural development in four provinces, Dzavhan, Gobialtay, Hovd, and Uvs. The objectives of the TA component on co-operative training were to train co-operative advisory staff who would then provide advice to co-operatives on how to improve their activities, and to improve the institutional set-up for providing increased advice to co-operatives.

The TA component covered support for (i) developing training programs and materials, (ii) training co-operative advisory staff and auditors and accountants, and (iii) improving the facilities of the Co-operative Training Center, and setting up provincial co-operative promotion centres in the capitals of the four western provinces.

The objectives of the TA component on sustainable rural development were to

(i) support the implementation of the Land Law, which tasks district governments to formulate and approve land management plans in their territory, and

(ii) by doing so, pilot test alternative approaches for improving grazing patterns based on pasture co-management arrangements between government staff and herder groups.

The TA component covered support for:

  • identifying current winter and summer pasture uses;
  • collecting information on the use of wells, and data on inoperative wells (which will feed into the subcomponent on well rehabilitation);
  • identifying and training herder groups who use particular pasture areas and wells;
  • providing training to provincial and district staff involved in land management and regional development;
  • exploring the feasibility of setting up district regional development co-management units and provincial co-management committees to advise the respective governor on formulating regional development plans;
  • designing and implementing such plans in selected areas.

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