development aid and consulting

About Us

ABG – Agrarwirtschaftliche Beratung Goettingen GmbH is a private consulting company providing advisory, coaching, and training services in business development, financing, agribusiness, and rural development. We offer sustainable advisory services to both donor organizations and private business clients.


Our Approach

Our dynamic approach addresses complex economic, social, and environmental challenges in developing economies. Operating globally, we have established a reliable reputation through successful and sustainable projects tailored to the specific local conditions and needs of our targeted beneficiaries. All projects and offices outside Germany are managed and supervised from our central office in Landolfshausen.


Areas of Expertise

The main sectors of our experience include:

  • Agricultural development and marketing
  • Practical agriculture and farm management worldwide
  • Private sector development
  • Rural development
  • Access to credit and business financing services
  • Institutional capacity building

Our Track Record

For over 20 years, we have successfully implemented various projects for private clients as well as national and international donor agencies. Through our extensive work in European and Asian countries with transitioning and developing economies, we have gained profound experience in introducing and developing market-oriented economic structures. ABG also has extensive experience in practical agriculture and managing both clients‘ and our own land plots.

In our working approach we put great emphasis on:


  • work in multinational teams
  • target oriented and clearly structured management
  • comprehensive and measurable results
  • close cooperation with local partners
  • close and success oriented monitoring
  • harmonization of project action plans with sectoral developments

We provide services in two main segments:


International Development Aid and Technical Assistance

ABG has extensive and diverse experience in implementation of bi-lateral and multi-lateral technical assistance projects world-wide, in particular in Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and CIS regions. Since 1990 the company has been implementing large technical assistance projects in Asian and European countries for EU’s Tacis and Phare programmes, ADB, EBRD, World Bank and German bi-lateral aid programmes.


Business Consulting

Along with its work on international development projects, ABG offers a range of consulting services to private clients:

  • Advisory services
  • Financing
  • Training
  • Agricultural Machinery