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Cover Legal Compendium, Animal Health and Livestock MarketingLegislation Compendium

  • Project: Animal Health and Livestock Marketing, Mongolia.
  • Printed: 2009

The Compendium has resulted from the Project’s efforts to revise existing legislation in the context of the Agricultural Sector Strategy. It provides full texts of the laws and legal documents and was used during various project activities such as legislation working group, training and capacity building.





Batken Guide

Cover of the Batken Guide, Inter-regional Trade Facilitation Project
Batken Presentation Guide is aimed to promote the Batken Oblast within business community and visitors of the region. The Guide contains many-fold information on Batken oblast including history, culture, economy, nature, potential, etc, and has been published as a book with about 150 pages in 3 languages – Kyrgyz, English and Russian. This guidebook contributes to raising awareness about the business opportunities, the touristic potential and – last but certainly not least – the beauty of Batken Oblast. Being a valuable source of reference to a broad audience, it contains a lot of illustrations to the region and the following 5 chapters:

  1. General Information
  2. Economic Outlook
  3. Transport
  4. Social and Cultural Affairs
  5. Nature and Tourism




Poverty Reduction Program Monitoring and Evaluation Manual

This manual describes the poverty monitoring action plan designed to support and guide the Poverty Reduction Programme in the Republic of Kazakhstan.  The implementation of this action plan will ensure that the relevant data are collected, analyzed and disseminated.  It will allow the policymakers and other stakeholders, both at the national and the regional levels, to evaluate the progress and to modify the poverty reduction program as appropriate.

The Manual addresses different dimensions of PRP monitoring, including:

  • Tracking progress in achieving the poverty reduction goals;
  • Validating the strategy chosen by the national and regional governments;
  • Mobilizing and sustaining public support for the goals and the strategy;
  • Identifying reasons for success or failure, allowing effective management of the strategy and improvements to be made while programs are in progress;
  • Enhancing the involvement of civil society and non-governmental actors in poverty reduction strategy;
  • Increasing accountability in the use of resources, generating transparency; and
  • Incorporating quality management into the poverty reduction strategy.



Cover Efficient Business Training Manual, Regional Development of SME in Aktobe project

Efficient Business Training (Manual for Trainers)

The Project has considerably supported development of business advisory and training services in Aktobe oblast including training of trainers. This manual summarises project experience in business training and provides valuable practical tips for trainers. It reflects on training methodologies, program and materials elaboration, training and monitoring tools, as well as outline of the several courses successfully tested by the Project. The manual was issued in Russian and Kazakh languages.