Expertise in Action: Our Selected Projects



Development of Rural Plans for Various Communities in East Germany

Multidisciplinary teams of experts in SME development, agriculture, land use planning, water engineering, environmental protection, forestry, village architecture, rural sociology, and tourism analyzed the current situation of specific rural areas based on existing plans and their own surveys.

From these findings, strategies for economic development at both regional and municipal levels were developed. These strategies, along with subsequent planning steps, served as guidelines for municipal administrations and relevant district and regional departments.

Workshops and bilateral consultations with inhabitants, municipal administrations, and government departments were conducted to discuss proposed measures, train administrative staff, and lay the groundwork for future implementation.


Special attention was given to conflicts between agricultural land use and environmental protection, water pollution, alternative land use concepts, requirements for tourism development, infrastructure improvements, and measures for the social and economic development of villages. Support was provided for small and large investment projects in selected rural areas, partly financed through LEADER and INTERREG.


One of the supported regions in North Germany received technical assistance in developing plans for the establishment of a special economic zone on the border with Poland.