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Welcome to our photogalleries, where each photo tells a story of our commitment, expertise, and the values that drive us at ABG. These images capture the essence of our diverse projects and the impactful results we’ve achieved in business development, financing, agribusiness, and rural development across many countries. They reflect our values of development, sustainability, partnership with local communities and innovation, demonstrating the positive impact of our projects and their real-world benefits.  


These images are more than just pictures; they are a visual representation of our dedication to creating meaningful change. Many of them illustrate the results we strive for in every project, the close cooperation with local people, and our focus on achieving success in diverse environments.


We invite you to explore our photogalleries to gain a deeper understanding of our work and the positive changes we bring about. Let these images inspire and connect you to the communities and people we serve worldwide.

Field Trials Open Day

In the framework of the Animal Health and Livestock Marketing project  our company implemented field trials for fodder and forage plants, conducted by two national research institutions. These trials aimed to select, plant, cultivate, and harvest high-yield forage plants rich in protein and energy, develop fodder production technology suited to Mongolian conditions, and train farmers in forage production for their livestock.

This photogallery captures the key moments, showcasing the collaborative efforts and the presented agricultural techniques.

Team of the Technical Assistance to Animal Health and Livestock Project in Mongolia


People are one of our largest assets. During many years we had the honour to meet a lot of knowledgeable and capable people. Throughout the World, with many of them we have built long lasting working relations. This collection of photos presents some of the teams ABG has brought together and worked with.

Young herder in Mongolia assisted by the Animal Health and Livestock Marketing Project (Mongolia, 2012)

At ABG GmbH, our projects are consequently designed to benefit diverse groups, including farmers, rural businesses, SMEs, credit institutions, local administrations, and civil society organizations. By recognizing the individuality within these groups, we foster genuine connections and understanding, enabling impactful, sustainable change. This photo gallery introduces some of the remarkable individuals we’ve worked with.


IMG_diagnostic center

As a member of the European Union, Latvia is committed to the EU Animal Health Strategy (2007-2013), offering valuable insights into private veterinary work, diagnostic control services, drug surveillance, risk management, animal identification and registration, and veterinary education. Having transitioned from a centrally organized state to a modern, decentralized system aligned with OIE and WTO standards, Latvia’s experience was highly valued by study tour participants. The program covered major aspects of animal health and livestock production, highlighting Latvia’s policy and practical successes.

Our company has implemented four long-term technical assistance projects across Mongolia, focusing on regional development, agricultural advancement, animal health, and capacity building. Through extensive travel and collaboration with local communities, we’ve gained a profound understanding of this remarkable nation. We are delighted to share a curated selection of images that showcase Mongolia’s unique landscapes, vibrant culture, and resilient spirit, reflecting our deep appreciation for this extraordinary country.