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Cover Business Planning for Private Vet Units, Animal Health and Livestock Marketing

Business planning for Private Veterinary Units Manual

  • Project: Animal Health and Livestock Marketing, Mongolia.
  • Printed: 2009

In Mongolia all veterinary services in rural areas are rendered by veterinary units (PVUs) which are private and operate as business entities. The private veterinars very often lack business and management experience, which hinder development of a veterinary unit. The manual has provided basic knowledge on various aspects of company operations including legal framework for PVUs' operations, business planning, key marketing issues tailored to the current needs and requirements of veterinary units.




Single Register of Permissive Documents - cover

Single register of permissive documents

Clear and transparent regulatory environment is one of the important pre-conditions for sucsessful business sector development. Rules,  procedures, legal requirements have to be transparent and understandable.  Beginning and experienced entrepreneurs have very often problems to understand which permissive docume

nts are required to start a business, where to get them, what are the responsibilities of the regulatory bodies, etc.

This publication in Russian and Kyrgyz languages summarised profound analysis of the regulatory and permissive environment of the Batken province. It provides detailed information on what permissive documents are required for all types of business in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where these documents can be obtained, what is the procedure, and lists addresses of the relevant organisations in the Batken oblast.


Guide on state control

Small business is subject to control by a lot of state organisations, e.g. tax office, transport inspection, fire control, sanitary and veterinary inspections, social funds, labour inspections and many, many others. Lack of knowledge about the legal framework and unclearness of the term “control” and procedures to be applied, is very often mis-used by the official for rent seeking. It may cost a small company considerable losses and distortions. Business Development Manuals - covers

It is of a vital importance for any entrepreneur to know his / her rights and obligations towards various control agencies. This Guide provides detailed information on the state agencies authorised to control small businesses, on entrepreneur’s rights and obligations, on exact procedures to be followed with references to the relevant legislation. The Guide enables entrepreneurs to get better understanding of the regulatory environment and protect his/her rights in the day-to-day business operations.



Business Ideas Manual

The objective of the manual is to stimulate development of small enterprises in rural areas of Aktobe region by presenting business ideas which proved to be successful. The team of experts has analysed small business ideas from various environments and selected those which are most perspective for  the rural areas of Aktobe. The ideas are presented in a unified format providing brief background, pre-conditions and basic financial calculations.

Considerable part of the ideas refers to agriculture and development of service sector in rural areas. Efforts have been made to consider the development priorities set by the Aktobe regional administration. The manual does not provide ready solutions but is aimed to stimulated business thinking of rural people and inspire search for market opportunities in their own environment. It also proved to be a valuable tool for business consultants of the region. The manual is available in Russian and Kazakh languages.