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IMPLEMENTED PROJECTS > Establishment of Collection and Distribution Network

Project Description

  • Country – Mongolia
  • Donor – EuropeAid
  • Duration – 24 months
  • Status – completed

All the project activities and interventions aimed to contribute to final positive impact on rural population to foster regional development:
i) to increase the range and the quality of food and consumer products available for the herdsmen;
ii) to decrease the prices of food and consumer goods and
iii) to achieve significant rise of the prices gained for raw materials of animal origin.

The main outcomes of the project were aimed at establishment of trading patterns to overcome major constraints of regional development in 3 provinces of Mongolia (Dornogobi, Gobisumber, Sukhbatar). 

Major results:

  • strategies to improve trading patterns as a corner stone of regional development have been defined in cooperation  with the Ministry of Trade and the Regional Governments;
  • warehouses and shopping facilities have been established in the three pilot regions in the framework of the state regional development strategy;
  • establishment of central warehouses and wholesale facilities (out of the three model operations foreseen for the project);
  • establishment of a commodity exchange for raw materials, mostly livestock products;
  • set-up of a market information system (MIS) fully operating at least for the three pilot regions;
  • involvement of financial institutions in the trading sector increased;
  • efficient promotion of processing industry based on locally produced raw materials mostly livestock products.

Specific activities implemented under the project included:
  • design and establishment of a regional livestock products exchange;
  • design and establishment of warehouse and wholesale centres;
  • training on elaboration of business plans, management processing techniques etc.;
  • advice and technical assistance to pilot processing facilities;
  • design and implementation of a MIS;
  • attraction of financial institutions to offer credit services to targeted enterprises.


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