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Cover Seasonal variation of Livestock Prices, Animal Health and Livestock Marketing ProjectSeasonal Variation of Livestock Products’ Prices

The Project has established a Market Information System and initiated collection of data for 22 livestock products in 5 provincial centres of the target provinces as well as in Huchit Shonkor and Emeelt markets in Ulaanbaatar. Thus, valuable information on livestock products prices has been collected during 4 years. The data has been analysed to determine the price developments during 2009-2012, seasonal trends and price variations between the provincial markets. The findings for 10 key products have been summarised in this publications to assist herders, market experts and consultants to better understand the livestock product’s markets in Mongolia.

Cover Fodder Production  Manual, Animal Health and Livestock Marketing ProjectFodder Production Manual

Most of the cattle production in Mongolia is still extensive with animals feeding on pastures all year round. It is one of the development priorities for Mongolian agriculture to improve feed system and develop efficient fodder production. Therefore during 2010-2012 the project has implemented field trials for hay/fodder production in Darkhan and Tuv provinces.

Fodder production manual summarised important findings of the field trials as well as provided in-depth information about forage plants, agri-technology, improvement of fodder quality, feeding systems, etc. It has been printed in 3 parts in Mongolian language.

Cover Drug Compendium, Animal Health and Livestock Marketing ProjectDrug Compendium

Technical assistance to private veterinary units was one of the key components of the projects and included training, capacity building, knowledge transfer and provision of the equipment. As part of these activities, a compendium of veterinary drugs licensed for use in Mongolia has been compiled. It provides all information which a veterinary professional in Mongolia needs to know about their pharmaceutical features and usage.



Farmers Diary - Tacis project in Moldova

Farmer's Diary

  • Project: Development of Credit to Private Rural Farmers, Moldova.
  • Printed:1998

A Farmer's Diary was published together with the Moldova Agroindbank. It provided key information related to legislation, agricultural production, business and marketing as well as places for the notices.






Cover How to Create a Machinery Ring, Regional Development of SMEs in AktobeHow to Create a Machinery Ring

The objective behind this manual is to present the concept of machinery ring which is a form of farmers’ cooperation aimed at multi-farm use of agricultural machinery. Lack of agricultural machinery was one of the acutest problems faced by individual farms in Kazakhstan during that time.

Therefore the machinery rings could become a possible solution to overcome this lack and to allow cost effective use of available machinery. The manual provides important information of the idea itself, machinery costs calculations, relevant legal and financial issues. The manual summarises findings and outputs of the project's technical work, therefore it gives practical tips on decision making process, provides valuable overview on the legal forms possible under the legislation of Kazakhstan and reflects on some taxation issues. Draft contracts and machinery ring’s statutes are presented in the annexes. The manual was successfully used to establish 6 machinery rings in Aktobe region.



Investment Guide to Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Guide has been published as a part of efforts made by the Ministry of Agriculture to attract foreign investments to the agricultural sector of the Republic. It gives background information about the country, profound overview of the agricultural sector and describes investment climate including legal framework for investors, state regulations of  taxation and customs.




Series of publications on crops and livestock production

  • Project: Pilot Projects for Agricultural Enterprises in the Animal Production and Fresh Produce Sector, Kazakhstan.
  • Printed: 1997

Each publication has provided practical information on  specific issues related to arable and livestock production.

Privatisation of Food Wholesale and Retail Distribution System, RussiaPrivatisation of Food Wholesale and Retail Distribution System in Yaroslavl

  • Project: Privatisation of Food Wholesale and Retail Distribution System, Russia
  • Printed:1995

The booklet summarised Project's experience and recommendations on privatisation in Yaroslavl region. It gave overview of the implemented activities as well as reported about challenges faced by the project and solutions found and implemented by the Project's team.